Our neighbors are being murdered, and the Jersey City Police Department and the city government have failed to respond.

On March 27, Lamonte Wright, 20, was killed with a shotgun on Clerk Street near Myrtle Avenue.

Eight days later, in the early morning of Easter Sunday, Michael Muchioki, 27, and his fiancé Nia Haqq, 25, were robbed and shot in the back of their heads on Randolph Avenue near Union Street.

There have been nine homicides in Jersey City this year, all but a few unsolved.

Mayor Healy has done nothing to keep us safe. Police Chief Comey has been silent.

Stop the Murders in Jersey City is a grass-roots, neighborhood effort to use our collective voice to tell the city, no more. We will not stand by as the police allow thugs and killers to take over our streets. We will not allow the mayor to treat murder like it’s bad press, and wait for it to go away.

We are going to take direct action to demand that the city government respect and protect the streets we live on and the neighborhoods where our children and grandchildren growing up.

This blog is your community bulletin board. We are going to use it to organize ourselves, protect ourselves, and demand responsibility from the city government. Lamonte, Nia and Mike will not be forgotten.


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